Frequently Asked Questions For Skip Tracing



Generally, most skip traces are returned to you within two (2) weeks of the day it was listed.  Some traces however due tend to be more complicated, and extra time may be needed in weeding out these hard to find assets or individuals.  Genealogy locates can sometimes take much longer due to the nature of the locate.



ANY AND ALL INFORMATION. This includes:  first, last and middle name; date of birth or SIN, last known address, telephone numbers, emails and other forms of contact, last known place of employment, aliases, friends or family members.  ANY AND ALL INFORMATION you have will aid in the success of your trace.  Of course if you do not have access to this information we can find it for you many times with just a name or a clue to work from.


Yes, of course you can ask for a Rush Skip Trace to be performed.  There most likely will be additional fees applied (as the tracers will need to hold off on what they are doing in order to work on your request). However, if your action needs the attention and detail of sooner results, not a problem.  Let one of our agents know the time frame of your request and we can get started for you right away.



Generally, a skip trace is performed to locate a missing person, uncover assets, or locate sources of Garnishee.  Contact information is provided including any known addresses, any known telephone numbers, and any known emails.  Credit details of any Defendant is also obtained and outlined to the creditor. These will include all assets and liabilities and other debts which could affect your collection; Family Maintenance and Owing Tax being just a few.  If you do require specific information outside of this scope please contact one of our agents directly.