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About IRS Collections 


IRS, or In-House Receivable Services Ltd. has been a licensed and bonded BC debt collection agency serving BC since 1997. We offer debt collection and related services such as skip tracing, process serving, Bailiff Services, consulting and outsourcing.  IRS has the professional staff and resources to meet the needs of your specific Industry

IRS is the collection agency numerous BC lawyers use to collect their accounts receivable.  With our extensive Legal background and In-House Legal Counsel, we have the educated staff to carry through with legal actions where needed, and where security for the debt can be attained. Our law firm services are second to none and highly regarded in British Columbia. 

We know how to securitize unsecured debt. We also offer online and onsite training. We can teach your staff about credit and how it really works:  Our training includes topics such as Retainer Agreements for Professionals, interest agreements and extending credit while reducing risk.  We can train your staff and improve your bottom line. 

Whether you are listing a single account or outsourcing your entire accounts receivable, you can count on IRS. We service a high level of repeat business from legal, retail and commercial clients 

Time to move up a notch? 


Tired of your current agency dropping the ball and delivering excuses instead of results? Maybe it is time to move up a notch and discover the difference of IRS. Our strength is in our professionally trained staff who knows how debt collection and the legal system really works.  We deliver results you can put in the bank while maintaining your reputation

When IRS is your collection agency you know exactly what progress is being made on your accounts. We offer real time 24/7 online access to your accounts.  As far as reports go our online system has a robust report generator so you can slice and dice your portfolio statistics the way you like it. 

If you are looking for a collection agency for the first time, you should definitely consider IRS. We can make it happen with fast bankable dollars. 

Need a Collection Agency in BC? 

You should pick up your phone and give us a call. An IRS professional is standing by to help you improve your cash flow.  You can also schedule a free no obligation consultation on any of our services.